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Thursday, August 21, 2014

The Owner's IT team is Transmitting an SOS, But You Don't Know Morse Code

You’re hearing the distress call of the IT team who says they didn’t know anything about contractor’s requirements. Deciphering the IT jargon, internal restrictions, and inherent confusion over the design and construction process will keep you on course. Design teams, contractors, IT vendors and medical equipment vendors are often like ships that pass in the night. Yet the systems for which the contractor and design team are responsible require constant communication and team integration. Decoding of operational intent of these systems and translating the requirements is where many projects fail. In addition, the tidal wave of medical equipment interoperability only adds to the complexity of this challenge. This session is your life preserver. You will learn to effectively communicate with the IT team, and through project examples, learn how to avoid some of the errors in translation and lost signals that wreck many projects. LEARNING OBJECTIVES 1: Explore industry challenges in communicating building system, IT and technology integration requirements

LEARNING OBJECTIVES 2: Discuss how healthcare technology operational intent is often miscommunicated
LEARNING OBJECTIVES 3: Identify how assumptions and owner’s internal processes can impact system integrations
LEARNING OBJECTIVES 4: Review successful planning techniques and lessons learned from projects

Ted Hood, BArch, Senior VP and COO, GBA
Josh Kelly, BS, RCDD, Project Planner, GBA