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Gregory Splinter is a thought leader in design, an architect, an artist and poet. Practicing as an Architect-Urban Designer, Gregory facilitates “Intuitive Design” workshops for groups and teams seeking an open-mind, open-heart, open-will approach to creative problem solving. During a typical design and discernment workshop, Gregory guides groups of learners in an intuitive approach to design and to discern a better possible outcome - primarily in matters of:
Urban Design Architecture    •    Business Decision Making    •    Community Development

During these workshops, Gregory helps design teams and business leaders move past their own personal agendas to seek collaborative group clarity, gaining insight to an enlightened decision beyond the means of any one individual. Using raised awareness techniques, art and meditation, learners connect with their own intuitive abilities to lead with the emerging future.
As a younger, “impractical idealist” he pursued the possibility, with Charles W. Moore, FAIA as his mentoring architect, that a more humane architecture could be conceived from the heart rather than solely by the rational mind. This quest led to his Master of Architecture - Urban Design thesis subject of study now called “Intuitive Design”. From “impractical idealist”, today Gregory considers the use of one’s intuition as “practical realism”. As the recognition and value of intuition continues to grow, Fortune 500 companies and acclaimed institutions of higher education are now incorporating such inclusive design practices in their present work.

A workshop participant once wrote, “Gregory's method of Contemplative Architecture explicitly recognizes the deep truth about imaginative creation that all great artists, architects, and even scientists have known - namely, that buildings, artworks, and new ideas have a kind of independent existence, even before they become manifest in the external world.”