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Wednesday, September 28, 2022  |  4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Eyes Wide Open: Planning for Climate Resilience

Ghazal Ebrahimi, PhD, MSc, B.Arch.
Energy and Carbon Emissions Manager, Provincial Health Services Authority (PHSA)
Joss Hurford PE, LEED AP BD+C
Building Performance, Affiliated Engineers, Inc.

The last 18 months brought an onslaught of climate-related disasters, along with news that these events, and climate change overall, will get worse before they get better. Healthcare institutions continue to reel from the pandemic, but they also need to prepare for a less certain, more strained future of worsening disaster events. Climate-readiness can be daunting. This session will share straight forward processes and principles around resilience planning & design for healthcare, answering pressing questions like: What is climate resilience? How does climate change impact planning for buildings intended to have a 50+ year life? What will this cost? How do teams balance climate resilience with other competing needs? British Columbia, Canada is a global leader in mandating resilience planning and design. Released in 2020, these requirements influence all BC healthcare design. Leading-edge case studies offer strategies & design processes applicable to all healthcare projects.

1: Interpret the latest climate research at a high level and recognize its repercussions for occupant health, safety and welfare within healthcare facilities 
2: Form a clear value proposition for resilient design strategies and facilitate an informed decision-making process
3: Leverage readily available tools and resources to identify appropriate strategies that help protect facilities against climate change 
4: Recognize how climate change and climate-related disasters impact a wide range of different constituencies