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Tuesday, December 7, 2021  |  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Microgrids: Powering the Future of Healthcare Resiliency

Angelica Chow, PE, LEED AP: BD+C
Electrical Engineer, Mazzetti

Since fuel cells recently became an acceptable emergency power generation source, microgrids are now being reviewed in the current cycle (similarly for emergency power). However, the lines between “normal” and “emergency” power are increasingly blurring. The silent operation of a hospital microgrid illustrates a paradigm shift. The rapid advancement of technology is forcing people to reevaluate the opportunities and, resultantly, regulations for how power is provided to critical facilities like hospitals. Code-making organizations, hospital facility planners, and teams must understand how the combination of economics and technological advancements has bent the concept of ‘emergency power’ to the breaking point. For the sake of the safety of healthcare facilities and the benefit of patients, new ways of thinking about, and designing for, emergency power generation are required.


1. Decipher the historical conversation around emergency power and potential barriers for new ways of thinking.
2. Assess the economic and technological advancements that are changing conventional thought re-emergency power.
3. Discover how a microgrid is currently benefitting a hospital and how it could be applicable for your own hospital.
4. Prepare for the next code cycle and power paradigm shift.



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