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Tuesday, December 7, 2021  |  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

POE Lessons Learned in the Transition from Healthcare to Health

Lauren Fiedler
Director of Healthcare Program Development, Flad Architects
Joe Ryan, PT, DPT, MBA
Director of Ancillary Services, Lee Health
Laura Stillman
Principal/National Healthcare Practice Leader, Flad Architects

Post occupancy evaluations (POEs) are essential for understanding the effectiveness of facility design strategies and promoting continuous improvement. POEs are most valuable when data collection goes beyond traditional methods and uncovers “the why," analyzing the many factors that result in performance. This session will review quantitative and qualitative findings from a recently completed POE of a new health and wellness center, Lee Health Coconut Point. Presenters will share learnings relating to community engagement, patient and team experience, workflows, technology, outdoor spaces, and more. The session will reflect on organizational and cultural factors that influence success and how those factors relate to design. It will also address findings related to the planning process, from lean planning and process improvement to changing operational assumptions. The session will conclude by reflecting on performance during the pandemic and future readiness.


1. Apply POE learnings from planning a new facility where end-users were not yet available; learn unforeseen outcomes and fail-safe strategies.
2. Review POE methods, innovations in gathering data, and quantitative results on patient experience, community engagement, and design strategies.
3. Describe organizational, process, and cultural challenges associated with a new facility and illustrate new, documented change solutions.
4. Learn innovative ideas to support operational transitions into new healthcare facilities.


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