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Tuesday, December 7, 2021  |  8:00 AM - 9:00 AM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Navigating Reinvestment in Inpatient Psychiatric Beds

Cindy Beckham
Principal / Mental Health Planner, SmithGroup
Gary Fischer
Project Manager, Veterans Health Administration
Arash Irani
Associate / Healthcare Planner and Strategist, SmithGroup
Vladislav Torskiy, MHA, ACHE, AORN, IAIA, Lean Healthcare CP
Health and Wellness Practice Leader, ProgressiveAE

The decline of psych beds and mental health services has impacted communities across the U.S. with state facilities losing more than half a million beds in the past 50 years. The cost to maintain a 24 hour inpatient psych bed has forced organizations to shift services away from acute and tertiary settings into residential treatment centers. The social impact of state facility closures has put a burden on community hospitals, families and the prison systems. The lack of available data and regulation of services provide a roadblock to healthcare architects and planners. This session provides an overview of the national psych bed landscape, the regulatory environment and how other countries are dealing with these issues. We will explore benchmarks, best practices, goals and solutions for healthcare planners. Using the Veterans Admin. as a case study we will demonstrate how established need can be translated into appropriately planned and designed facilities.


1. Understanding mental health services changing environment: inpatient, residential and state psych bed landscape, and its impact on communities
2. Mental health beds and services forecasting in response to population health needs
3. Understanding mental health services categories and institutional rational in mental health services administration
4. How to translate planning into design