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Monday, December 6, 2021  |  3:00 PM - 4:00 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

Life Safety Master Planning - The next 10 years

Michael A. Crowley, PE, FSFPE, FASHE
Principal Advisor, Fire Protection Engineering, Coffman Engineers, Inc.

Health care facilities are designed for a life cycle. Many facilities are renovated many times it the buildings life cycle. Over the course of these renovations and upgrades the applicable codes have changed. Some requirements for new are more stringent and some are less stringent. This presentation will outline how to do a life safety master plan. It will also point out some advantages of not retaining old life safety configurations.


1. Understand the current codes and the update cycle for the AHJs ( Local, State, Center for Medicare and Medicaid)
2. Explain the purpose of the Life Safety Master Plan including egress, smoke zones locations, suite sizes and future flexibility.
3. Summarized the advantages and disadvantages of evaluating the current Life Safety Master Plan.
4. Recognize the other uses of the Life Safety Master Plan including renovations , additions, changes of occupancy , changes in use , surge capabilities, and reduction in inspection testing and maintenance.


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