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Wednesday, September 18, 2019  |  4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

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Is Choosing Green Costing You Green?

Ann Dougherty, PE
General Manager of Sustainability, Roppe Holding Company
Andrea V. Hyde, MDCID. NCIDQ, HCID
Senior Project Manager - Interiors, Stanford Health Care - Planning Design + Construction Department

No one would knowingly want to hurt the planet we live on, let alone health care providers whose mission is to improve the health its patients and protect staff. However, most commercial surfaces and furnishing products – are not being tested under the rigorous use (and abuse) codified requirements for CDC/ US EPA transference of infection prevention cleaning methodologies used everyday within HC facilities. We have been flooded with products claiming to be green/sustainable with little impact to the earths ecology. Many of these "green" products achieve these standards are of organic origin or organic chemistry manufactured materials and are soft, porous and prone to rapid decay by their inherent nature. We will discuss current end-user performance concerns and epic failures that being found through trial and error testing on patients and staff in health care facilities, with products susceptible to breakdown during cleaning with highly corrosive agents.

1.  Summarize safety & operational challenges to health facility designers/owners selecting high performance products using current commercial testing
2.  Evaluate the US CDC/EPA cleaning modalities required for health facilities, and the effect they have on operations, performance, and patient safety
3.  Recognize root issues of sustainability vs. maintainability in three diverse healthcare facility case study examples
4.  Integrate guidance and required new testing methods to setup successful surface and furnishing specifications for future

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