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  • Networking in Long Beach!
    Jenabeth Ferguson
    In just over a month, we will all be gathered at the 35th Annual Healthcare Facilities Symposium & Expo. We have quite a line up this year over two and a half days, including 3 keynotes and over 50 sessions featuring a roster of over 160 industry leaders speaking, an exhibit hall packed with companies eager to show you their latest products and services and so much more.
  • Top 3 Things
    Jenabeth Ferguson
    We are just under 3 months from our 2022 event and there is a lot going on as we're continuing to make announcements of new developments. I thought I'd take advantage of this space to let you know my top 3 things I am looking forward to as part of this year's event.
  • Reunited and it feels so good In January of 2020, the advisory board met like it has at the beginning of the year in Chicago for the past 15 years. The subject of COVID came up a couple of times and there was a news alert that the first case had been verified in Chicago at the time we were there. We all left, said we'll see you in May in Boston as that is our second board meeting each year, and never imagined we'd go so long between seeing each other in person. As a group we meet twice a year but outside of those settings between the annual HFSE event and other industry events groups of us can be together as many as 5 or 6 times a year. This past December a lot of us were in Austin but not everyone as some folk's organizations were still not traveling or people had personal situations where they were still not being around large groups.

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  • Parking lots –adding value to your business plan
    Customer Service . . . Sustainability . . . Compliance . . . are all key parts today’s business plans. Have you considered how your parking lot adds value to each? The right partner can create a customized maintenance program that will have your lot contributing to all of these objectives and to the lasting impression you have with your clients.
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