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Vladislav Torskiy, MHA, ACHE, AORN, IAIA, Lean Healthcare CP

Health Care Studio Leader | Principal, SmithGroupJJR

Vladislav has over 28 years of experience working for institutional clients in the U.S. and throughout the world. He works closely with client healthcare leadership teams to identify needs; leads in analysis and research of innovative solutions consistent with contemporary healthcare trends; facilitates problem solving with clinical, administrative, and support staff; maintains current knowledge of healthcare trends and their impact on clients; leads process and performance improvement; leads development of proper organization and layouts of healthcare institutions; leads an alignment of architectural design with operational plans and budget; serves as a resource to medical, planning architects, and project designers; and participates in operations and design research. Vladislav strategic healthcare planning work is based on development of model of care appropriate for institution or system that is later being implemented through healthcare operations and physical environment creation.