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Arsalan Gharaveis, Ph.D.(C), MARC, FIIA, EDACPh.D CandidateTexas A&M University
Arsalan Gharaveis is a Ph.D. Candidate in Architecture school at Texas A&M University. His concentration is healthcare facilities research and design. After designing and planning some healthcare facilities, he started doing research in the area of Evidence-based design. Arsalan has a background in architecture. After achieving a Bachelorís Degree in Architecture from Art University of Isfahan, Iran in 2008, he completed his Masterís degree in Healthcare Architecture at Iran University of Science and Technology in 2011. Following getting his Master's, he taught for two years as an adjunct professor at Azad University, while he worked as a planner and designer at international firms in Middle East. He joined Texas A&M University, department of Architecture, and pursued his Ph.D. in 2013. Arsalan is currently pursuing a multi-disciplinary research, and his topic is related to healthcare design and planning. The objective of his doctoral research is to improve teamwork and communication in emergency departments- Evidence Based Design approach- by promoting visibility. He had several internship experiences and has been involved in many design projects. Also, he was enrolled in many design competitions, research conferences and peer-reviewed journal publications.