Faculty Profile:

Rebecca MilneSenior AssociatePerkins Eastman

Rebecca Milne, LEED Associate, is an associate at Perkins Eastman with a breadth of experience in the design research and strategy field. Along with being a seasoned architect, Ms. Milne leads applied research & design strategy for the firm worldwide. She is one of the leading experts pioneering the bridging of architecture and environmental psychology, and this pairing deeply informs her practice. Ms. Milne has a special focus on the development of commercial, health, science, and educational environments and has a keen interest how these spaces affect the human experience. She has led numerous studies in a multitude of practice areas, including healthcare, workplace, and higher education. Her passion is to determine which aspects of an environment can be altered to change a person’s perception of their environment, and how those changes should take place. Ms. Milne works to develop measurable strategies to create meaningful environments for people to live, work, heal, and learn.