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Tuesday, September 19, 2017  |  10:30 AM - 11:00 AM

Open to All Attendees!

Interactive Dashboards to Manage Facilities Information

David Trask
National Director, Facilities, ARC Document Solutions

Do you know where all of your Facility documents are located? Do you have CURRENT as-builts? Do you know what is under warranty when something breaks? Does your team know where all the shutoffs are located in case of an emergency? Can you share these out with first responders? Could you find everything in about 10 seconds? You are invited to join David Trask, National Director, Facilities with ARC Document Solutions to see how to assemble all these documents into an effective active archive for every facility that you own, occupy and manage. Trask will show you how an EASY, push-button dashboard can streamline your processes and give you back TIME to better manage your buildings.


1. Learn how to manage historical and new renovation documents by creating a single CURRENT set of drawings for all your buildings.
2. Learn how you can complete more work orders every day by accessing your information within seconds.
3. Learn how other healthcare groups are utilizing a single source of truth for all their facilities related documents to streamline their workflow.
4. Learn how your facilities team can access critical facilities documents in the field and speed up response times for catastrophic events.