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Wednesday, September 20, 2017  |  11:00 AM - 12:15 PM

Open to All Attendees!

The Solidification and Final Destination of American Healthcare

Marc Sauvé LEAN MBA
VP Healthcare / Director of Strategic Planning, Gresham Smith & Partners

The final destination of America’s healthcare system is vividly clear. The political smokescreen by both parties can no longer hide the cost increases and socioeconomic damage. Sauvé frames the magnitude of change required for a balanced budget and generational commitment ahead. The megatrends of true consumerism, big data and virtual care connectivity are driving us to tomorrow’s delivery model. Mergers and acquisitions continue to seek cost reductions through economies of scale, delivery networks are expanding through retail clinics and freestanding EDs. Today’s master plans are complex endeavors, as systems rationalize services across a region. True physician partnerships and new leadership skillsets are required to navigate this politically volatile landscape. Effective teams require cultural cohesion across four generations of employees. This smart, data-rich and entertaining presentation frames market forces, cultural shifts and technology drivers of tomorrow’s healthcare system.


1.  Experience a data-rich and entertaining presentation as Marc frames a comprehensive vision of America’s healthcare future.
2.  Assess the latest innovations and technology advancements transforming care delivery from retrospective and reactive to personalized and predictive.
3.  Understand the complexity, political sensitivity & workforce implications of master planning as systems seek to rationalize services across a region.
4.  Follow the money, from our trillion dollar, healthcare-driven, national debt to root causes, wasteful practices& proven solutions in value-based care.