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Tuesday, September 19, 2017  |  4:15 PM - 5:15 PM

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The Impact of Visibility on Teamwork, Communication, and Security in ED.

Arsalan Gharaveis, Ph.D.(C), MARC, FIIA, EDAC
Ph.D Candidate, Texas A&M University
Debajyoti Pati, PHD, FIIA, LEED AP
Professor, Texas Tech University

The research question that this research proposed: “What is the nature of the relationship between visibility and teamwork, collaborative communication, and security in emergency departments?” This study adopted a relational research design conducted in four EDs within the same system. The measurement of different layouts by the application of Isovist in Depthmap software provided an objective assessment of the visibility of the EDs’ environments, and the findings were reassessed by conducting a systematic field observation as a qualitative and quantitative assessment tool of the departments’ visibility. Also, Team Effectiveness Audit Tool (TEAT) and Collaborative Practice Scales (CPS) were the measurements of teamwork and communication. The findings support that some aspects of teamwork and communication are improved by enhancement of visibility. Also, the rate of security issues were lower in departments with high visibility value.


1. Understanding the importance of visibility in emergency department design
2. Clarifying the importance of teamwork and communcation in health delivery
3. Exploring the impact of environmental design on teamwork and collaborative communication
4. Identify opportunities to enhance teamwork and communication by design solutions.