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Monday, September 18, 2017  |  3:15 PM - 4:15 PM

Open to Conference Attendees Only

From Tranquil to Vital: supporting full spectrum Life in Residential Care

Eleonore Leclerc
Architect, Stantec Architecture
Ray Pradinuk, MAIBC, LEED AP
Principal, Leader Healthcare Research & Innovation, Stantec Architecture

Faced with aged and outmoded facilities serving 629 residents on five sites in Vancouver, Providence Healthcare (PHC) launched an innovation and improvement initiative called Residential Care for Me. The first phase of implementation, with Stantec providing integrated design services, will be a new 320-resident dementia care facility on an urban site, developed with deep engagement of residents, families and a 40-person steering committee. A field study was scheduled just prior to completion of the needs assessment and design concept. Eleonore and Ray were part of a 4-person Providence Health Care/Stantec team that visited 17 residential care homes in five European countries. They will summarize the learnings from the field study and the essential characteristics of the social, spatial and activity model adopted for a resident-supportive and socially generative dementia care home based on small households. The presentation will conclude with a virtual tour of the proposed design.


1. Understand the fundamental characteristics of a small-household model home and those of a 'hotel' model facility
2. Identify when to admit that a 'hotel' model facility is the better choice
3. Understand 'freedom of movement' as a fundamental human right that must be upheld in a dementia facility
4. Explore the design of an innovative 320-resident home that embeds all of the essential characteristics of the small household model