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  • Design Thinking: Reimagining the healthcare design process
    There is no question the healthcare industry is transforming at a rate faster than ever. To address the speed of this transformation, healthcare providers are faced with balancing the implementation of cutting-edge technologies and forward-thinking processes with the financial impact of each decision.
  • CONSUMERISM ELEVATES HEALTHCARE FLOORING: Flooring integral to creating ‘wow’ moments, calm patient spaces
    Consumerism is changing the business of healthcare, and brand loyalty is the Holy Grail. As patients take more control over their health spending, providers can influence buying decisions by offering a patient experience that is pleasant, convenient and seamless across digital platforms and physical locations.
  • TRANSPARENCY IN HEALTHCARE: Bring down those walls with glass
    The physiology of the medical campus and its edifices has experienced a dramatic change in permeability, transparency and accessibility. Glass — the most vulnerable of all building elements — has multiplied from being a treasured 10-15 percent of a building’s cladding to, in many cases, 50 percent or more today. What has driven this movement to more clearly expose and reveal the inner workings of the healthcare machine with increasingly transparent and invisible membranes? We are truly seeing evidence of the shift in attitude toward healthcare as a more knowable and accessible aspect in modern society — intelligence and control over health in all its facets is a power we’ve gained almost exponentially of late.
  • COMMUNITY CONNECTIONS: Taking the next step with enhanced family care delivery
    A tremendous amount of research in facility design and care implementation has been provided in the field of healthcare in the last two decades. Hospital administration, developers and designers often sift through copious white papers to understand what is still considered best practices and what features translate to the most impact for dollar value.

From the Symposium Desk

  • Mental Health Awareness
    Jenabeth Ferguson
    I am a self-confessed Kate Spade junkie. My closet is full of Kate Spade bags each one a favorite for a different reason. To me they represent adulthood, class, a little fun and strong woman. They make me happy when I am carrying them. Kate was an icon and role model for women because of her design talent and business acumen.
  • Different by Design
    Jenabeth Ferguson
    I been traveling a lot lately including attending the PDC last month in Nashville. I love seeing other places in this country and meeting with people from all around the globe. But truth be told, traveling for work can take its toll. You not only lose time in the office and are not able to get to those tasks on your schedule, but it also impacts your personal life.
  • Faith in Humanity in Times of Crisis
    Jenabeth Ferguson, Vice President, Symposium Director
    In 2016, less than 3 months prior to the Symposium being held in Orlando we woke up to the news of the Pulse Nightclub Shooting. That week we were scheduled to send out one of our marketing emails encouraging folks to register for the event. We just could not do that in good conscience so instead we sent out a message of support for Orlando. In fact my column that month also addressed the tragedy. I sit here this morning and my to-do list includes writing this column. As I look at a blank document my thoughts are consumed with yesterday’s tragedy in Parkland, Florida. Our event is still 8 months away and we will be returning to Austin, Texas not Florida this year so I could very well continue business as usual.

Research & Whitepapers

  • Parking lots –adding value to your business plan
    Customer Service . . . Sustainability . . . Compliance . . . are all key parts today’s business plans. Have you considered how your parking lot adds value to each? The right partner can create a customized maintenance program that will have your lot contributing to all of these objectives and to the lasting impression you have with your clients.
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