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  • Beyond the Intercom: Today’s nurse call, communication systems deliver improved patient care
    Today’s nurse call systems are no longer simply an intercom for patients to contact the nurses’ station. Modern nurse call systems are now an integrated part of the ever evolving patient care solutions that interface with patient electronic medical records and provide real-time patient status to improve patient safety. Safety improvements such as “out-of-bed” alerts help prevent slip and fall incidents that sometimes are cause for extending a patient’s stay.
  • How Sterile is Too Sterile? Balancing form and function in a healthcare environment
    Whether as a patient or a visitor, everyone can relate to being in a healthcare facility that feels institutional and overly sterile. Typically, sterility in a hospital is a great attribute and one that should be encouraged. Patients have many choices when it comes to providers and — historically when asked for input on the interior environment — often express a desire for warm and engaging attributes that promote a healing environment.
  • SAVVY PLANNING: Navigating growth, change with integrated planning and flexible spaces
    To respond to changing dynamics and forces driving healthcare, industry leaders study the paths of growth and change in an effort to match forecasts to hospital building plans. And to plan with a longer and yet even more precise perspective, healthcare leaders, using clinical engineering principles, need to evaluate metrics and appropriate analytics to develop customized flexible solutions and decisively allocate resources.
  • Fringe Benefits: Lighting design to improve staff health, wellness, productivity
    Whenever we interview hospital staff on lighting design improvements, their instinctive response is to brainstorm with us on the best possible design for their patients. This says a lot about their dedication and priorities. When choosing — for example — where to provide more natural light or views to the outside, nursing professionals will insist on upgrading patient spaces over their own every time.

From the Symposium Desk

  • Top 3 Things I'm Looking Forward to
    Jenabeth Ferguson, Vice President, Symposium Director
    It may feel too early but there is a crispness to the air reminding us that fall is right around the corner and the long summer days are dwindling. Of course that also means the Symposium is close, in fact it’s just over 3 weeks away. In what has now become an annual August tradition, I am going to share with you my top 3 things I am looking forward to this year:
  • Outside our borders
    Jenabeth Ferguson, Vice President, Symposium Director

    In my April column I wrote about how this year you will be able to learn from other cultures at this year’s event. Specifically, I drew your attention to the sessions on the Navajo Area Indian Health Service and how Hawaiian’s are caring for their Kupuna. It was great to hear your response and enthusiasm for these opportunities.

  • First Look at the Symposium Conference Program
    Jenabeth Ferguson, Vice President, Symposium Director
    Our 2017 conference program was unveiled just two weeks ago. Have you had a chance to check it out yet? I am really looking forward to this year's program and hope you take some time to look over the compelling sessions we have put together.

Research & Whitepapers

  • Parking lots –adding value to your business plan
    Customer Service . . . Sustainability . . . Compliance . . . are all key parts today’s business plans. Have you considered how your parking lot adds value to each? The right partner can create a customized maintenance program that will have your lot contributing to all of these objectives and to the lasting impression you have with your clients.
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